Nahid Aamina

Sharing my quirky Watercolor journey, tips and tricks. You can buy my art, art prints here.


  1. lottie1960

    Hi Canis you have probably forgotten who I am now. I have been in CICU for a while. I adore your artwork. It is so beautiful. I have decided I abosultely cannot stand acrylics. But I do really enjoy goache, watercolour especially if I am doing something I want to be a little bit special I add Danial Smith, just a little it looks amazing and has a sandpaper feel! but as you move it in the light it changes. Lastly I love Oil paint but the new type that can be used with water not turps etc. so there is no dangerous fumes. H2O by Mont Marte is a good start not expensive and for the best for me I like
    winsor and newton.
    I am sorry not to reply its rude but I was in an induced coma. I noticed you said you were feeling a bit low. if I can ever help or you need someone to “talk to!” you can contact me by email
    and I will try to find my messenger details
    Ciao x



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