Your existence matters.


I’m feeling under the weather today. Sometimes I feel that my misery is unexplainable and unbearable. I’m the kind of a person who’d hesitate to open up even to a psychologist as I believe in self healing and I’m more of a closed book person.

I’ve been through many rough patches in my life. Many at times I’ve thought of ending this miserable life of mine. Crying into sleep and waking up with a head ache has been a daily routine on most of the days. Sometimes my mind gets weighed down because of extreme anxiety, thoughts of unstable and unclear future and unstable present too. There has been a lot of days where I have fought back the wrong way. I have missed to enjoy the present and loathed at what is ‘missing’ in my life.

At times I try to compare my life to few others and I try to cheer up myself with the thoughts that I’ve been blessed. But most of the times I just want to sleep and hope that the phase passes by when I wake up.

Life is such that it gives you beautiful and wonderful things with flaws.

We as humans tend to show excess of love and expect reciprocation the exact way, perform exceedingly well at job and expect top notch results so much so that when we don’t get it we get so disappointed and upset with life.

From what I’ve learnt till now, people come with flaws. They are a package. We should accept them and love them for what they are. Never get your hopes high and never get so unconditional and selfless that it hurts you when things don’t go your way. Believe in people and give the space that they deserve. If they respect you and your relationship they will be there.

Incase you don’t get the deserved recognition at work, sit back and think of what would’ve gone wrong and think of handling the situation logically. Any action that is out of an emotional outburst is surely never the right one.

Every single day is another chance in our lives. We may not be living our best phase at the moment. But when we consider the present as our best phase, that’s when we’ve learnt to cherish and acknowledge ourselves and that’s also where self love starts. Acknowledging self and our own lives, being compassionate, having empathy, dignity, expressing love and having a lot of patience towards life will help us to sustain our life on this earth.

Let’s set goals, work towards them and love every single thing around us. If something or someone is being rude or bad, let’s voice out in a logical way. If something doesn’t go our way, don’t lose heart. It’s ok to not win all the time.

It’s ok to cry. Crying is normal. But let’s remember that we are loved and our existence is making an impact and is of an importance to people around us.

Never hate yourself, y’all, and my heart.