Know our limits – Spread love, not hate.


Empathy matters.

The world is becoming a better place. There are a lot of people coming up to help animals and we started showing empathy to their feelings and existence too.

I saw a video on YouTube. It was about an elderly couple who were concerned about the mental health of their pet, a cat. They got hold of a doctor’s help to heal the cat’s loss which was the reason for its suffering. This restores faith in humanity. Definitely a wonderful thing to happen. But we fail to understand humans at many places.

Animals cannot put in words on how they feel about a certain situation. We try to understand them through their actions – but with humans, we fail! .We need to hold our horses – Stop our judgements and control our tongue. Unless and until we have been asked by them for an opinion about their personal life or actions, that doesn’t affect us or affects a community’s rationale, we needn’t comment. If there’s a need to comment, let’s try framing the sentence in a dignified manner.

Let’s try to fore think before we can utter a sentence. Put ourselves in their shoes. Would we feel comfortable if someone questions our life/our decisions? If the answer is a NO, then let us please have our opinions about others with ourselves. Each individual has the right, has a past and a personal life. Let’s stay out of it.

Online trolling and bullying.

Consider someone did a mistake. What’s the next thing that happens? People start searching for the concerned person’s social handle and start shooting out opinions and in that process, bullying happens too. Thousand’s against a single soul. Isn’t that bullying? We need to think what would’ve happened in that person’s life or at least express our opinion in a dignified manner. Right to voicing out opinions doesn’t mean right to bully others. No one deserves hate.

Stop this curiosity.

Being curious is completely ok. But not with others personal life and opinions. It’s never ok to post an assumed/rumoured/or even real facts about a person that would shame that person. It’s great to post their achievements. We can try that. Wouldn’t that be great? Let’s try it.

Let this world be a better place. Hold our opinions, less pain, saves lives.

Cheers- Canis.