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This is post is going to be totally unrelated to art.

Partly personal venting too.

Empathy matters.

The world is becoming a better place. There are a lot of people coming up to help animals and we started showing empathy to their feelings and existence too.

I saw a video on YouTube. It was about an elderly couple who were concerned about the mental health of their pet, a cat. They got hold of a doctor’s help to heal the cat’s loss which was the reason for its suffering. This restores faith in humanity. Definitely a wonderful thing to happen. But we fail to understand humans at many places.

Animals cannot put in words on how they feel about a certain situation. We try to understand them through their actions – but with humans, we fail! .We need to hold our horses – Stop our judgements and control our tongue. Unless and until we have been asked by them for an opinion about their personal life or actions, that doesn’t affect us or affects a community’s rationale, we needn’t comment. If there’s a need to comment, let’s try framing the sentence in a dignified manner.

Let’s try to fore think before we can utter a sentence. Put ourselves in their shoes. Would we feel comfortable if someone questions our life/our decisions? If the answer is a NO, then let us please have our opinions about others with ourselves. Each individual has the right, has a past and a personal life. Let’s stay out of it.

Online trolling and bullying.

Consider someone did a mistake. What’s the next thing that happens? People start searching for the concerned person’s social handle and start shooting out opinions and in that process, bullying happens too. Thousand’s against a single soul. Isn’t that bullying? We need to think what would’ve happened in that person’s life or at least express our opinion in a dignified manner. Right to voicing out opinions doesn’t mean right to bully others. No one deserves hate.

Stop this curiosity.

Being curious is completely ok. But not with others personal life and opinions. It’s never ok to post an assumed/rumoured/or even real facts about a person that would shame that person. It’s great to post their achievements. We can try that. Wouldn’t that be great? Let’s try it.

Let this world be a better place. Hold our opinions, less pain, saves lives.

Cheers- Canis.

Time lapse watercolour painting and awaiting an update!

Hope you are having a great weekend! I had a good one too – meeting my relatives and my cute toddler nephew. I also stepped out a lot in the last couple of days, it feels very odd and tiring after being at home for months together. If you ask me if I’d do it every single day, it would be a big NO. I’m a home body. lol

It has been a while since I painted something on a large paper. So I did a big one today and here’s a time lapse video of it!

Scenery time lapse.

Hope you like it as much as I enjoyed painting!

Also, I had entered another watercolour competition and I’m waiting for the results. Let’s see how it goes.

Cheers- Canis


Watercolour art – Chandrayaan 2!

Chandrayaan 2 is an Indian lunar mission that will boldly go where no country has ever gone before — the Moon’s south polar region. Through this effort, the aim is to improve our understanding of the Moon — discoveries that will benefit India and humanity as a whole. These insights and experiences aim at a paradigm shift in how lunar expeditions are approached for years to come — propelling further voyages into the farthest frontiers.

– ISRO website.

I’m so excited for the landing! It’s gonna happen in a few hours. Hope it goes successfully!

Here’s a time lapse video of my depiction of Chandrayaan 2!

Cheers -Canis.

I’m feeling under the weather today. Sometimes I feel that my misery is unexplainable and unbearable. I’m the kind of a person who’d hesitate to open up even to a psychologist as I believe in self healing and I’m more of a closed book person.

I’ve been through many rough patches in my life. Many at times I’ve thought of ending this miserable life of mine. Crying into sleep and waking up with a head ache has been a daily routine on most of the days. Sometimes my mind gets weighed down because of extreme anxiety, thoughts of unstable and unclear future and unstable present too. There has been a lot of days where I have fought back the wrong way. I have missed to enjoy the present and loathed at what is ‘missing’ in my life.

At times I try to compare my life to few others and I try to cheer up myself with the thoughts that I’ve been blessed. But most of the times I just want to sleep and hope that the phase passes by when I wake up.

Life is such that it gives you beautiful and wonderful things with flaws.

We as humans tend to show excess of love and expect reciprocation the exact way, perform exceedingly well at job and expect top notch results so much so that when we don’t get it we get so disappointed and upset with life.

From what I’ve learnt till now, people come with flaws. They are a package. We should accept them and love them for what they are. Never get your hopes high and never get so unconditional and selfless that it hurts you when things don’t go your way. Believe in people and give the space that they deserve. If they respect you and your relationship they will be there.

Incase you don’t get the deserved recognition at work, sit back and think of what would’ve gone wrong and think of handling the situation logically. Any action that is out of an emotional outburst is surely never the right one.

Every single day is another chance in our lives. We may not be living our best phase at the moment. But when we consider the present as our best phase, that’s when we’ve learnt to cherish and acknowledge ourselves and that’s also where self love starts. Acknowledging self and our own lives, being compassionate, having empathy, dignity, expressing love and having a lot of patience towards life will help us to sustain our life on this earth.

Let’s set goals, work towards them and love every single thing around us. If something or someone is being rude or bad, let’s voice out in a logical way. If something doesn’t go our way, don’t lose heart. It’s ok to not win all the time.

It’s ok to cry. Crying is normal. But let’s remember that we are loved and our existence is making an impact and is of an importance to people around us.

Never hate yourself, y’all, and my heart.